IT'S ACTUALLY POSSIBLE! Become a Certified Bartender and Land a High-Paying Job in Just 2 Weeks… All From Your Laptop

2 Weeks From Now, You Could Be Making $500 a Night Mixing Cocktails for VIPs and Celebs

From: Johnathan Peters
CMO at Master School Of Bartending

Dear friend,

It doesn't matter if you are a bartender or a waiter who’s currently just scraping the barrel, serving $2 beers in a local bar… 

A student who wants to make money on the side as fast as possible, without getting a “real” job… 

Or simply a practical money-chaser who wants to live the best life without selling his soul to corporate America… 

If you have two hands and even the slightest interest in liquor, you can make high-five, even six figures bartending in the next 12 months

I know it sounds too good to be true right now… 

But I promise you, if you read every word that follows, you WILL see that it is as real as it gets

You are going to discover how to…
  • Land a High-Paying Job in Some of the Fanciest Hotels, Bars, and Clubs in the World
  • Earn More Money Than Your Friends With Ivy League Diplomas... Without Working 9-5 or Dealing With Jerk Bosses 
  • Have Fun for a Living, Meet New Amazing People Every Single Day, Be the Life of Every Party You Attend
...all before you hit the bottom of this page

But don’t take my word for it

Ask some our graduates

Ask Andre, who landed his dream job in an exclusive 4-star hotel...  
Or Diana, who got hired before she even graduated from the Bartending School... 
Or Frederique, who landed her first job after just 2 days in the program:
...the list goes on and on

That’s why we are widely considered to be… 

The Most Prestigious Bartending School on Earth

Hi, my name is Johnathan Peters

I’m the CMO and one of the coordinators in Master School of Bartending 

Since the school opened in 1981, we have turned over 5,000 beginners into professional bartenders… 

And helped them get jobs in the finest restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and hotels in Europe, Canada, and the USA
Our training is so comprehensive, it gives our students the skillset and confidence of someone who’s been working for 5+ years… 

In just 3 weeks and without leaving their home

And the certification they receive at the end is so respected, it allows them to land their first job almost instantly… 

Even if they have nothing else on their resume

As a result, our alumni regularly take home high-five or even 6-figures in their very first year in the industry

Now, you are probably thinking…

“What Are You Talking About? The Bartenders I Know Don’t Make Anywhere Near That!”

And you are not wrong - 99% of bartenders really don't make anywhere near that

Not because it's impossible or even difficult... But because they stay stuck in minor leagues

See.. Bartending is like football:

You either make it to the NFL and make a fortune… Or you end up looking for another job

There’s no middle ground

People at the top thrive, everyone else just scrapes the barrel.

Bartending Is Like That Too… 

Those who work at 5-star hotels... Michelin star restaurants… Or exclusive VIP nightclubs & bars in big cities…

They make six-figures a year - every single year - until they retire

They serve $50+ cocktails to A-listers who came to blow thousands of dollars… So they walk away with hundreds of dollars in tips every day

Everyone else… Those not-so-lucky bartenders who end up in local bars, decent restaurants, and small-city clubs… They spend their lives serving $5 drinks to average Joes.

You either succeed big time or you fail miserably

It's really THAT simple

That brings me to the tragic part of this story…

Anyone With Two Hands Can Become a World-Class Bartender and Land One of Those Six-Figure Jobs in Just a Matter of Months

The difference between a world-class bartender making $120,000 a year in a 5-start hotel in Vegas… 

A mediocre bartender from a tiny bar in Donaldsonville, Louisiana who’s happy when he takes home $20,000… 

And a student who works as a waiter after classes and can barely pour beer without spilling… 

Is actually much smaller than you think

In fact, it’s so small, it would take us just a couple of weeks of training along with some time practicing to get the people in our examples high-paying jobs

Unfortunately, they will never come to us

Because just like you, they’ve been told that bartending is just a stepping-stone career… And they believe it

They don’t think it’s a real career

They don’t know how much money there is to be made

And therefore they’ll never make an effort to get to that next level

If You Have Carefully Read Everything So Far...

You Already Understand This Industry Better Than 99% of People

Unfortunately, that won’t get you the six-figure job I keep mentioning


Because there’s something I like to call the “the vicious cycle of experience”

Like we said… 

The only way to make real money as a bartender is to get a job in an exclusive venue where you’ll be serving top-shelf drinks to people who are willing to pay high-end prices (and leave big tips)

The problem is… 

Owners of those places only hire world-class professionals who are not just masters when it comes to mixing cocktails… But also know how to engage customers and give them an unforgettable experience

So what do they do?

They only hire people with proven track records of working in other 5-star hotels and exclusive clubs

That’s why I call it the “vicious cycle”:

You can’t get a job in an exclusive without relevant experience… And you can’t get experience without working in an exclusive venue
As you can see, it’s almost impossible for an “outsider” to break into this world

As a result… 

Only a handful of world-class bartenders hold all the good positions and make all the money… And everyone else just scrapes by

That's the bad news

The good news is...

There Is a Way to Break the “Vicious Cycle” and Get a Six-Figure Bartending Job Without Experience or Connections

 Yes… I’m talking about our school:
Remember, we’ve been doing this for 40 years… 

So we developed quite a reputation in the hospitality industry

When venue owners see our certification on someone’s resume, they often hire that person on the spot… 

Because they know that our graduates are trained to give their guests a night to remember… Every single night.

It’s like a Harvard Law degree in the world of bartending.

If Everything Makes Sense So Far… And You Are Interested in Becoming a Six-Figure Bartender...

You Are Invited to Join the Master School of Bartending and Turn Your Life Around in 2 Weeks

The 2-week Certification Program Is Divided Into Six Five Hour Classes

In Phase 1... We'l Teach You All the Basics You Need

We’ll teach you all the terms so you can talk like a bartender… Introduce you to the equipment, ingredients, glasses… 

And basically prepare you to get behind the bar and start making magic happen

In Phase 2... You'll Get a Master's Degree in Alcohol

We’ll teach you everything there is to know about spirits, liqueurs, aperitifs, wines, beers, and campaigns… 

So you can impress even the most sophisticated customers.

In Phase 3... You'll Finally Start Mixing Cocktails

We’ll teach you how to make all the cocktails and shooters you can possibly be asked to prepare in high-end places like 5-start hotels, private clubs, cruise lines, etc. 

In Phase 4... You'll Become a Rockstar Behind the Bar

We’ll teach you how to act like a world-class professional - so that you can blow away your employer and charm your customer into leaving a healthy tip
Finally, You'll Graduate as a World-Class Bartender
By the time we are done, you will have the skills and confidence to get behind the bar in even the most luxurious venues in the world. 

To help you get there ASAP, we’ll provide you with a certificate that will drastically increase your chances of landing a job in your dream place.

Why Waste Another Precious Day of Your Life?

Make the First Step Towards Your New Lucrative Career TODAY!


Here's Exactly What You Get When You Enroll Today


This includes LIVE training, where you are going to polish your skills under the watchful eyes of our professional bar chefs… As well as on-demand training you can access to practice on your own.

We’ll teach you how to make and service the most popular shooters, cocktails and café flambés…. 
As well as beers, liquors, wines and champagnes.


The less fun but equally important part, learning the theory behind your craft will allow you to not just dominate job interviews, but also to sweep your customers off their feet.

These teachings cover bar etiquette... Beer, wine and liquor knowledge and history... Communication and organization skills… And much more.


After you successfully complete the final exam, you’ll receive your MSB Certificate, as well as an attestation card.

Like I said before, people in this industry know what this certification means… So just include it in your application and rest assured that you’ll get that interview.

Just 2 Weeks From Today, You Could Be Living a Completely Different Life...


Most people spend $50K they don't have and 5+ years of their life in school… And they still have to start from the bottom and work for peanuts for a few years

You, on the other hand, have a realistic opportunity to make high-five, even six-figures in your very first year of bartending. We’ve seen it happen so many times, it’s not even a big deal anymore.


With our certificate, you can get a job in the most exclusive venues... And serve celebrities, athletes, millionaires, and other A-listers on a daily basis.

Just imagine the look on your friends’ faces when you tell them that you spent your workday mixing cocktails for an NFL quarterback… While they barely left their cubicle.


You can make $500 a night partying like a rockstar in an exclusive club… Earn hundreds of dollars in tips fixing drinks for ladies and gentlemen at black tie events… Or simply get paid to chill with guests at a hotel bar.

Whatever your definition of fun is, this job will provide it for you - day after day, month after month.


Every time you step behind the bar, you’ll be making new drinks, meeting new people, hearing new stories and learning new things. No two days are the same.

Also, it’s quite difficult to be in a bad mood when you are surrounded with a bunch of people sipping drinks and having fun.

See Why Thousands of Bartenders Are Raving About Our School

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Here Are a Few More Video Testimonials... Just in Case

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We Have Already Helped Thousands of People Around the World Get a Well-Paid Job They Deserve

Will You Be Next?


To Help You Get Results EVEN Faster...

I'll Add Two Special FREE Bonuses to Your Order

BONUS #1: Unlimited 1-on-1 Texting With Your Coach

Have All Your Questions Answered by World-Class Bar Chefs With 150+ Years of Combined Experience

VALUE: $250/Mont, $750 Total

You Get It for FREE

BONUS #2: Lifetime Access to Future Updates

We’ll Grant You Lifetime Access to All Future Updates… So You Can Keep Getting Better Forever

VALUE: $997

You Get It for FREE

Now, You Must Be Wondering…

This All Sounds Great, But What’s the Price?

Most people assume that the tuition and all the bonuses are worth a couple of grand… And they are not wrong

After all… 

The average cost of attendance at ANY 4-year University is $130,468 - and it doesn’t guarantee you anything

So it’s safe to say that a certification program that pretty much guarantees you a well-paid job after only 3 weeks has to be worth at least a couple of thousands of dollars

Even if you spent $5000… 

Chances are that you’ll make it back the very first month after you graduate... And then many times over for years to come

So it would be a steal at $5K

But guess what?

We are not going to charge anything near that

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Enroll Today

  • 3-Month Training + Certification ($1997 Value)
  • Unlimited 1 on 1 Support From the Coach ($750 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to Future Updates ($997 Value)

Total Value: $3941

Regular Price: $997

You Pay Only One Payment of

Just $297

(Or 3 payments of $125)


Our 30-Day, “Take It to the Bank” Guarantee

Simply, if you don’t like the school...

And you feel like it’s not worth way more than what you paid… 

Just reach out to one of the trainers and they’ll give you a refund

No questions asked

Fair enough?

Enroll Today & Make the First Step Towards Your New Lucrative Career!


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